Bjorn Wolfensen
Cozy coffee, calm conscience, curious callings
"Tell me you don't want to read a book about a space witch. Go on. Space witch.

KILLING GRAVITY by Corey J White is as modern a piece of genre pop space opera as you'll find this summer, with a nicely diverse cast, a cute space ferret of death and a female protagonist most often referred to as a void-damned space witch.

I feel like you don't need to know much else. It's a short book, with clear and snappy prose, very propulsive and cramming a lot into a small space. It's distilled, like Corey's been waiting a while to tell the story and cooked it down into the strongest possible dose. With everything else going on in the world. you might want to lose a day to a politically-inflected yet light-footed yarn of surgical authoritarianism, non-binary space captains, cold vacuum and, I mention again, a space witch. Go on. It's fun.


Teased by: Warren Ellis.